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It is a shame that it is not more well known because it is a gem." - Chesapeake, Virginia. He explains, "candidly," to the black sail maker why he returns and asks to shake the man's hand, but we never hear that explanation. Roots was also adapted into one of the first television miniseries and garnered some of the highest ratings in television history. Search. Christmas Eve is the secret date set for the escape. A Different Kind of Christmas. It's a story about separating from our parents. It is eight chapters loaded with exciting tidbits about the Underground Railroad, life in the South and life at college. Once he enlists in the Underground Railroad by partnering Harpin' John, a plantation slave, in a daring Christmas Eve escape, Fletcher's future is irrevocably cast with his Northern, Quaker friends. Alex Haley died in 1992 in Seattle, Washington. It is a timeless tale of spiritual regeneration, moral courage, and powerful humanness, meaningful and memorable to readers of all faiths and ages. One country, one citizenship, equal rights and a common destiny for all." Convinced then of the humanity and intelligence of black people, Fletcher Randall, heir to the fourth-largest plantation in Ashe County, N.C., volunteers to help the Philadelphia area Underground Railroad.His first assignment pits his new commitment to the abolition of slavery against his loyalty to his parents and makes him wonder if he will ever learn to live with himself again. In the course of the story, Haley supplies a good deal of historical information on the Underground Railroad (and the Philadelphia Vigilance Committee). All rights reserved (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. An adventure set during the days of the Underground Railroad, the elusive network of blacks and whites that helped Southern slaves escape to freedom in the North in the turbulent decades before the Civil War, it is the story of Fletcher Randall's conversion from scholarly defender of "his Southland" to avowed abolitionist and outlaw conductor on the legendary railroad.The elements of a classic tale are here, the kind that warrants re-reading year after year because it affirms, without sentimentality, an uplifting sense of our national character and moral identity. MORE:. I thought about this book for a long time. However, it is a process each of us experience. Play. Subjects: Antislavery movements > United States > Fiction. But Fletcher goes to school up North, and one or two of his Princeton classmates talk about how wrong slavery is until Fletcher begins to think for himself and he becomes a traitor to his background, to his family, by conspiring to aid in a mass escape of slaves on the Underground Railroad. Such conversions did take place during the abolitionist years, and hairbreadth escapes from slavery were not uncommon. "A Different Kind of Christmas is fascinating because it gives a peek into our psyche. cf4ac695ea
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